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303surfboard Nugget

156.200¥ 一般價格
已含  增值税
  • Nugget Model stemmed through the generation of several models including 2 in 1, Jun Jo & Zen II.  It is a new offering within the Tri & Quad Series models, which all are versatile and all-round group of shapes.
    The beautiful continuous outline from nose to tail, you can even feel shaper’s breath during the sensitive creation process. The Round Pin tail will help the rail’s  non stop flow in any condition, that is the promise. Your usual beach break i.e. Knee High, Wind blown or Walled conditions or the Special day, Nugget Model can deal with them all. Either Tri or Quad fin set up will make your surfing day enjoyable under any conditions.
    For those who gave up on riding Trifin, frustrated with Round Nose or Mid Length, Nugget can be your gentle butler. This model will balance the performance surf and just for fun surf quite well

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