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7'0x21X2 13/16 (213x54x7.1cm)

FIN 別売





“ Sunshine “ is a new playful multi-purpose Mid Length surfboard. Based on either the wave condition or your mood, it can be set up in 3 different configuration :1. Single , 2.Twin & 3. Single + Stabilzer side fins.
The base concept for the model is the “ stability “ , which is realized by the nice round nose and forgiving round pin tail, Kohei Chiba’s signature minimalistic shaping design that gives both wave and rider the positive and mellow response. This allows the board to fit few different fin set up possible, as well.

For the clean breaks, you can glide forever on single fin. Long mellow slopy waves, you can throw many spicy turns on twin fin. Such a simple design can create unlimited surf pleasure in any condition. Clear sunny days for surfing with “ Sunshine “ model, will give you that feeling of surf all day with the board. You can explore and search suitable way of riding the board, forever!

303surfboard SunShine

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